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Thread: Identifying a Besson Sovereign (1980's)

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    Identifying a Besson Sovereign (1980's)

    A friend of mine just bought a horn from Dillon that he was told is a Besson Sovereign. The serial number he was provided puts it at 1985.

    However, the bell doesn't have any engraving at all on it (no manufacturer, no model), and he can't locate the serial number anywhere on the horn.

    The valve block and horn construction certainly LOOKS like a sovereign.

    Was there a period of time that Besson did not engrave either Besson, B&H, the model number, or the serial number on the horn?

    Mike Taylor

    Illinois Brass Band

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    Anyone have any info?
    Mike Taylor

    Illinois Brass Band

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    Could be a horn leftover when they closed the works, never got it's written pedigree.

    Or a test/development mule.

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    Quote Originally Posted by highpitch View Post
    Or a test/development mule.
    I like the mule idea! Around the mid 1980's Besson sent me a 967 to test. It had a revised bottom bow. But I can't recall if it had a logo on the bell.
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    That’s an interesting thought!
    Mike Taylor

    Illinois Brass Band

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    I have a 1988 967 and the serial number is on the bell.

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