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Thread: Adam E3 Sticking Valve

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    Adam E3 Sticking Valve

    i have a new Adam E3 (about a month) and i notice that when i play long notes up the scale and hold down the fourth valve for a long time, it is sometimes sluggish coming up. But if i push it down again quickly, it comes right up. I used to have the same problem with the second valve on my Besson and even on the second valve when i had a trumpet. I always thought that maybe i was not pushing valves down straight or something.

    I do clean my valves often and even after cleaning and oiling, this has happened.

    Has anyone else come across this. I have had a valve stick in a concert which is not a good thing (but that was the Besson).

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    I have had similar problems with the various horns I've owned. I have a theory that each player's body chemistry affects the valves differently. It is that same body chemistry that causes some of us to need to clean our horns more often.

    My own horn is at "that state" right now. The 1st and 2nd valves hand up randomly, but it is not a mystery. It has been about 4 months since I had the horn out in the yard to flush and clean it. History has shown me that when the horn is first cleaned the valves are wonderful! Aaaaaannnnnddd, then it gradually goes downhill.

    Once the horn is in the state it is now, cleaning the valves is just not what the horn really needs. It helps, but the valves will still hang because of gunk hiding in there. I don't see it on the pistons when I take them out, but something is obviously there.
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    thx Dave. I have had it happen after i had the horn professional cleaned by a local reputable service shop. I will give it another good cleaning and go from there!


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