Title pretty much says it all. I'm currently working my way through all of the offerings that Spotify has for recordings of the Planets - for both research and for my own amusement - and I'm finding a surprisingly wide range of interpretations.

I have heard somewhere between 5-10 recordings so far, primarily keeping track of the more memorable ones - whether for good or not so good. I've really enjoyed one by the Chicago Symphony from 2004, as well as the Philharmonia Orchestra from 1995. I might elaborate on that after a couple more listens, but on first listen they just "feel" right to me. I was NOT crazy about one I heard from the LA Phil from 1997 - the euphonium solo in Mars immediately turned me off. Could be due to the recording, but overall the euphonium has a "nasal" quality to it that I didn't care for.

Do you have a favorite? An "overall" favorite? One with the best euphonium part interpretation to your ears? Whatever your criteria, I want to hear it!