Hello everyone,

On Sunday 3rd July 2022, I had the privilege of meeting up with Charley Brighton to collect a 1909 dated Solbron Euphonium which had recently been restored to a fully playable condition.

During our time together, I was given the incredible opportunity to test a number of different vintage Euphonium models from Charley Brightonís personal Euphonium collection which contains a range of instruments that were designed and manufactured from the early 1900ís, right up to the present day. I was completely fascinated by how different each Euphonium sounded and I was also surprised at how little the original design of the Euphonium has changed over the course of the past century.

I am really looking forward to comparing the similarities and differences between my 1909 dated Solbron Euphonium and my 1916 dated Solbron Euphonium over the course of the following weeks and months ahead.

Best Wishes,

Micah Dominic Parsons

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