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Thread: Wick 4AM--what is it?

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    Wick 4AM--what is it?

    I bought a Jupiter 3 valve baritone and it came with two mouthpieces, the stock Jupiter piece and a gold-plated Wick 4am. I keep reading vague descriptions ("classic, affordable euphonium mouthpiece"). It doesn't insert into my Euphonium more than a few millimeters. Does anyone know if this is a medium or large shank mouthpiece? I actually only currently have small shank instruments, but thought it might be worth buying if I move up to large shank.

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    It is a medium shank, suitable for old pre 1974 euphoniums. If you don't have that type of instrument you cannot use it as it is too big to fit into small shanks receivers and too small for large shank receivers, unless it is utilized with a wide receiver adapter or you can thin the stem into a small shank.
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    Thank you--I didn't totally understand medium shank before. I'd actually been interested in a Willson on the local market a couple of months ago. I suppose I will put it in my "drawer'o mouthpieces" or sell it on. It's in very good condition, although it looks like the silver under the gold has tarnished.

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    Here’s a link to a comparison chart on the Denis Wick web site.
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    Thank you for the wick page. I'd found it and the description there is just "Pre-1974 B&H and Willson." If it had said something like "medium shank" I would have understood. It came with a student euphonium so I wonder if the person just ordered wrong.


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