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    Question Long time reader first time poster

    I have been browsing Dave Werden since 2013 and received a lot of help from posts. I am currently playing a Yamaha 642I Neo in a New Horizons Band and in a "audition in place" Community Band.
    My "principal" since 2013 died last year leaving me with the title but not the technical proficiency. I have been given the opportunity to acquire his Besson Sovereign 955 (serial 443188), but his widow wants to sell it. His daughter says to make an offer, but I don't want to insult either by a gross lowball offer.

    He used the Baritone for Church because the Euphonium was too "big" a horn for Church use. That is what sold me on the Baritone (plus I have dreams of playing in a Brass Band someday)

    Unrelated question: How do I list instruments on my profile?

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    Hi DS Zinn or Scott. Welcome to the forum!

    Sorry can't help you on a good price for a Besson Sovereign 955, but I can help with your other question about listing instrument(s). To add anything in your signature click on the pull down 'Forum Actions' (under Sponsor), then 'edit profile' then 'edit signature'. Hope this helps.
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