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Thread: Cathedral Grove ending

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    Cathedral Grove ending

    My Community Band recently returned to play. I'm one of two community adult members who 'returned to play'. The rest of the band is made up of highschool students, music teachers playing secondary instruments and a few university students. In my Community Band folder, we're playing Cathedral Grove by Robert Buckely. It has a really nice euphonium part.

    At the 3rd last measure, it has octave jumps on dotted half notes from D (3rd space in bass clef) to middle D. I am having trouble not accenting the middle D and having it sound louder then the lower D. The part is doubled in the tenor sax and I believe the 3rd clarinet. Any tips in trying not making the 2nd D louder then the 1st? I am using 1 2 instead of open for middle D which seems to be part of the solution in order to blend better with the tenor sax.

    The below is a link of a recording of Cathedral Grove

  2. Nice piece. Try 3rd valve for the lower D and 1-2 for the upper. Changing valves might make the slur easier. 3rd valve might help with intonation on the lower D.

    I like the counter melody with the flutes late in the piece.

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    I never got around to responding. Your idea of using 3rd valve for the lower D and 1-2 for the upper works perfectly. I had a concert lastnight which we played Cathedral Grove. The local cable channel recorded the concert so I should know how everything went next week or so.


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