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Thread: Case for oval euphonium?

  1. Case for oval euphonium?

    Hi! New here!

    I just acquired an old European style oval euphonium, 4 rotary valve. It has no case.
    It looks like the cases for the oval Schiller would fit. I saw one listed in one online shop, but after I put the order in was told it was an overstock and actually had been sold, but was available to order for more than twice this one was. For the price I am wondering if there’s something else out there.

    I’d assume with the European models as well as Cerveny, someone must make them??

    Thanks for any help!


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    I would measure the gross outside dimensions of it. My Amati, for example would fit into about a 32"x14" rectangle. Then look for a euphonium gig bag that provides that space. These horn's aren't big, the bells are typically small compared to contemporary euphoniums, and they don't extend much (if any) horizontally outside the "footprint" of the oval body. But they are longer than the average euph (mine appears to be about 6" longer, overall, than my Mack Brass euph). So a standard euph bag won't work.

    A small tuba bag would work. For example, the Gard 61-MSK. A Wagner Tuba bag would probably work (Marcus Bona has one: $$$...$$$ ). And a small F tuba bag would work. But you're probably looking at higher cost than you want to. Alternatively, find some reasonably priced duffel bag that it would fit in -- either padded, or that you could add padding to.
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    I've seen some ovalform gigbags on ebay, but never tried any of them.

    I have test fit my Maestro Euphonium case with the Ukraine models of Soviet Baritone and Tenorhorn and they both fit perfectly fine. If you can find any of the Chinese ovalform Baritone cases, they should work.
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