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Thread: Hardshell fiberglass cases

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    Hardshell fiberglass cases

    Working for a music retailer has gotten me jealous of string players and their cool, colorful hard cases. Does anyone on here have any experience with cases like that for euphonium?

    The closest I can find is this one by Crossrock here: Looks alright but might need a little bit of custom padding, and who knows if it accommodates a side-facing 4th valve.

    I know I can't really do any better than my Marcus Bonna, but I just love the looks of all those cello cases, man!
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  2. I'm not sure how easily they can be found or imported to the U.S., but there's a similar fiberglass hardcase by C.C. Shiny that I've seen sold in Japan. Here's an example.

    Photos of a Willson 2900 in the case, and of someone using the backpack straps:

    Link from Amazon Japan with more colors (and a slightly different latch design):

    If I remember correctly, these are made by the same company that produces the J.W. Eastman fiberglass cases.

    -Another model from Japan that looks similar to the Crossrock, branded "Marcato"

    -There's also a line made by Bags, although these are zippered as opposed to latched, and have a pair of wheels built in.

    In any case, I agree about the colors! I have a metallic green Eastman trombone case that I love the color of, in addition to how compact and fairly sturdy it is.
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