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Thread: WTB: Hirsbrunner or Adams E1 Euphonium

  1. WTB: Hirsbrunner or Adams E1 Euphonium

    Hello, Iíve been looking for a hirsbrunner euphonium for years, but wasnít able to purchase one a few years ago when many were available! If one is Iíd definitely be interested in looking to purchase. My second option is an Adams E1 either SS or regular selected series bell works fine! I fell in love with the Adams during my time at TMEA.

    Any help with information would be greatly appreciated!

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    Where are you located?
    Sean Kissane
    Low Brass Specialist, Paige's Music
    Principal Euphonium, Indianapolis Brass Choir
    Principal Euphonium, Crossroads Brass Band

    S.E. Shires EUSOLO
    Warburton Gail Robertson mpc

  3. Texas! Which is definitely a bit away from most sellers sadly.

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    i might know a person that has a hirsbrunner for sale. send me a PM

  5. I sent you a message! Thanks for the help.


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