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Thread: Does anyone know how much the Yamaha 321 euphonium weighs?

  1. Does anyone know how much the Yamaha 321 euphonium weighs?

    Also, how much does it weigh in the traditional hard case? I plan to sell my Wessex Maly and want to note how much lighter it is than the 321. Thanks. I have been looking on the Internet but Yamaha doesn't include the weight.


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    I found one site that listed the weight as 0.0 lbs. But I'm skeptical.
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    As a “broken wing” player I want to mention that balance is almost as important as weight.

    The Wessex Double I play weighs the most of any I play, and when seated, is among the most comfortable. My Conn 24i is the lightest, and equally comfortable for playing when seated, with a little extra height under it.

    The Willson 2704 has the largest tone and feels about the same weight as the Conn. Very comfortable to hold and play. Still looking for the best mouthpiece for it.

    The black plastic CoolWind? Once a year at TubaChristmas. The only horn I trust to hold when standing.

    I still think that some enterprising instrument sales person could perform a real service by helping old people with compromised body parts to find the RIGHT HORN for them, modified if necessary. The techs at the shop where I had my Wessex Festivo adjusted we’re geniuses. Given an interested tech and enough time (and money), it might be able to keep more eager players playing for longer. Fewer mistakes and more active players still playing.

    GOOD LUCK LittleJimmy!!

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    Funny you should ask.

    After having spent about an hour with my Yamaha 321 in my face yesterday, I got to thinking it's an awfully heavy beast (I usually play a French horn or trumpet). I Spent about another hour exploring the net looking for the answer to your question and found exactly what you found, except one entry somewhere that said 27 lbs-- probably a shipping weight. Sooo...

    I registered on this site and took my 321 down to the post office and weighed it on their really spiffy scale.

    The 321, with one Schilke mouthpiece in it weighs 9 lbs, 5.4 oz. In the standard Yamaha hard case with an additional Bach mouthpiece and a BERP, the whole thing weighs 17 lbs, 6.7 oz.

    Hope this helps.


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