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Thread: Needing advice on a Euphonium upgrade

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    You might want to take a look at this item for sale, a Conn Connstellation. It's the top of the American front-valve euphonium breed. It needs some dent work but might make a very good horn to play in band for a reasonable price (if bidding does not get out of hand):
    Dave Werden (ASCAP)
    Euphonium Soloist, U.S. Coast Guard Band, retired
    Adams Artist (Adams E3)
    Alliance Mouthpiece (DC4)
    YouTube: dwerden
    Facebook: davewerden
    Twitter: davewerden
    Instagram: davewerdeneuphonium

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    Thanks for everyone's advice. It sounds like the overall approach would be to try as many different ones as I can and then focus in on what fits the best. I probably check out the Adams Sonic first. Bessons are a bit out of my price range. Ollie

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    Undeniably, the Adams Sonic is a very impressive euphonium. Here is Mauro Martins playing the Sonata in F by Benedetto Marcello on an Adams Sonic:

    Admittedly, I am impressed as much by Martins's musicianship as I am by Sonic.

    Best regards, Guido
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    Wessex EP104 Festivo + DC4, SM4U, 51D

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    A Besson New Standard 3-valve compensating euphonium was listed today on eBay.
    David Shinn
    Peninsula Concert Band
    Yorktown, Virginia

    1971 Besson ‘New Standard’ 181 Euphonium (3+1 compensating) ~ Alliance DC3M
    1962 Besson ‘New Standard’ 176 Euphonium (3-valve compensating) ~ Alliance DC3M
    1979 Besson 'New Standard' 168 Baritone (3-valve compensating) ~ Alliance DC5S
    1927 Holton Double Bell Euphonium (5-valve compensating) ~ Alliance DC5S

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