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Thread: Leather grips & best lubrication on Adams E1

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    A repair tech recommended the regular Yamaha synthetic to me and it works well for me. No smell and it seems to last a while.

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    I use Blue Juice due to my chemistry but my tech HATES it and says it has too much alcohol and leaves residue on the valves when the alcohol evaporates. He likes Ultra-Pure. I had a lot of success with Tech Oil that Steven Mead is now promoting but eventually went back to Blue Juice again. It just works for me.
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    I should add that I just had my horn ultrasonically cleaned (it was overdue). The shop uses Ultrapure and that is what was on the horn when I picked it up. It really made the valves feel silky smooth...but it also did not respond quite as fast on the upstroke as the light synthetics or Blue Juice. It throws off my fingering when I don't feel the valves come up quickly. Many people prefer the silky feel and don't feel the loss of the speed.
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