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Thread: "Station 11" on HBO

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    "Station 11" on HBO

    A few minutes into the second episode of the post apocalyptic series "Station Eleven" on HBO comes a small parade by a traveling Shakespearean troupe led by a person with an old three valve silver euphonium. There's a nice closeup shot as the Euphonium leads the way.
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    I posted a screenshot on my FB because the CC says "Tuba Playing" and we very well know it's a bloody Euphonium!
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    HBO Max Station 11

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by JakeGuilbo View Post
    I posted a screenshot on my FB because the CC says "Tuba Playing" and we very well know it's a bloody Euphonium!
    Let's all remain calm. Everyone knows that "euphonium" is just a pretentious name for a tenor tuba, as "flugelhorn" is a pretentious name for "soprano tuba"; and denying this is not a healthy approach to life. This fact continues to be widely recognized by the public -- as in the case of Goodwill Industries on where virtually every used instrument they sell that is brass, valved, and is held with the bell at the top is listed as a "tuba". Ebay often follows suit. Besides, "euphonium" is harder to spell, and how are the Germans supposed to pronounce it -- "oy-phonium"? Whose idea was it to call these little tubas "euphoniums"? It looks like a marketing gimmick, or a desperate plea for attention.

    But take heart! Things are changing. I note that today Goodwill has managed to classify two baritones as "baritone"!
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