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Thread: JP274 vs King 2280

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    JP274 vs King 2280

    I'm about to graduate high school and have been looking into horns so that I can continue playing but I'm having trouble finding one, I was wondering if the King 2280 or the JP274 would be a better choice, I've also been looking for used horns but haven't been able to find any in that price range.

  2. Depends on your sound concept and whether you demand a compensating horn. I found the JP not a good match for me. I didn't like it's sound. Many here do. I now have the 2280 and am very happy. Intonation is great and it blends fine with a compensating horn. Four in line valves are not a problem for me. I use a Alliance DC4 mouthpiece which also has been working great. I have a jazz gig this weekend that I'll use a Blessing 6 1/2AL mouthpiece to give a bit lighter sound.

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    Hello Blacke, and welcome to DWerden!

    JP 274 and King 2280 are quite different from each other.... 2280 is a non-compensating euphonium, while 274 is a compensating euphonium manufactured in China. Having said this, my friend and DWerden-member Richard III has recently adopted the 2280 over the JP 274, because of 2280's tone and for its free blowing characteristics. .
    It might be worth mentioning that on a non-compensating horn like 2280 it might be a little bit more work to play in tune down into the pedal region.

    Meantime, may I ask

    * What euphonium you played during HS,
    * What your budget might be,
    * In what context/situation you will be using your euphonium? E.g. College music major.... Amateur brass band... etc...
    * which tone and playing characteristics are most important to you in a euphonium?

    Depending on your budget and preferences, there might or might not be further choices.

    Regards, Guido
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    I was looking at the King 2280 because that's what I've been using in HS, my budget it around 2-3k, I'll be using my euphonium in college and in a band that I currently play in outside of school. I would like a nice open sound, I prefer it to be on the brighter side.

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    Try a Willson 2704 if you can find one. They’re not the same as the 2280, but I notice that they’re well within your price range when they come up for sale.

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    Any reason the Yamaha 321 is out of the question?

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    It's not out of the question I've just been looking at horns and those are the 2 that come up the most.

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    Would you recommend that horn over the 2280?

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    Hello Blake, as you are keen on a tonal color on the brilliant side, and if you were considering a new compensating euphonium, it is worth looking at the Wessex Sinfonico. It retails for $3250 USD in silver plate, for January 2022 delivery from Wessex-tubas.

    This is a hand-made horn made from sheet metal. Sinfonico has been reviewed favorably by several experienced members of this board, who have posted their observations as well as excellent media clips.

    Amongst them, David Werdens notes and side-by-side comparison with his own Adams E3 showcase the remarkable tonal/playing character of the mid-priced Sinfonico.

    Below are a couple of links and sample clips, but you will find even more by searching

    Dave's Sinfonico review on Dave's own blog:

    David's comparison of Sinfonico and Adams E3 with silver bell - Youtube:

    David Werden -- Sinfonico Overview and Features on Youtube:

    John Morgan's comparison clip of Sinfonico vs Adams E3 with silver bell - Youtube:

    A few discussion threads on Sinfonico:

    If you Blake attend the MidWest clinic, you should be able to playtest Sinfonico at Booth 432:

    The MidWest Clinic takes place from Dec 15th to 18th in Chicago:

    Wessex has a liberal purchase return policy. Here is what the site says:

    "Wessex Tubas offers a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects on all our instruments, and in the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with your purchase, we offer a full refund and return within 2 weeks.
    You can return any item bought from Wessex Tubas within 14 days of receiving it for a full refund, minus shipping costs. However, please contact us before returning your item so we can provide you with return labels and a collection booking with our dedicated courier to ensure the safe return of your item/s."

    Hope this helps, Guido

    PS. In case you were wondering, I have no financial interest in Wessex-tubas.
    Wessex EP104 Festivo + DC4, SM4U, 51D

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    Thank you for your reply, the Sifonico seems like a great horn, I won't be able to attend the MidWest clinic to try it however so I can't really say, do you think this horn would outperform the 2280?


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