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Thread: Miraphone 5050 vs Besson Prestige

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    Quote Originally Posted by miketeachesclass View Post

    The only real "problem" I had was the concert Eb in the middle of the bass clef was very flat, and the middle Bb was a bit flat (apparently a common thing on these horns).
    The 5050 in my experience has octaves that are slightly stretched. The 2nd partial runs a little low IF you tune the 3rd partial Bb. Instead, I tune the 2nd partial, and ride the trigger above the staff. I find this lets me stay in tune with concert bands that tend to get sharper over the course of a long rehearsal.


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    I have had my 5050 Ambassador (w/trigger) for 10 years. It is a very well made horn, free blowing, requiring a lot of air support for it's .610 bore. The valves are quick and quiet. It definitely has a darker and warmer sound than any other horn I've played. It's a very heavy instrument too. Like some, I noticed it runs flat when you first pick it up and start playing it. The trigger mechanism and slide are tricky. I've lost parts of the trigger linkage after they fell off. However, this was my fault for not periodically checking and tightening up the linkages. Finding parts was a challenge (another long story), but I have since found a reliable source in Germany. The horn slots perfectly and stays in pitch. It is a beautifully crafted and well-made horn.
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    Thank you all for your advice and input. I do enjoy the Prestige and I may very well continue playing it. However, I cannot get over how easily the high register speaks on the Miraphone 5050. If I find that Adams plays with that same ďeaseĒ I will seriously consider moving in that direction. I did meet Hiram Diaz at the Army Band conference in 2020 but we didnít really get a chance to talk shop. Laura Lineberger did purchase a Shires and seemed to love it, so Iíll definitely take a look while Iím in Chicago.

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    I attended Midwest band and orchestra clinic last week where I was able to line up seven euphoniumĎs side-by-side and play test each one, Josh from Austin custom brass was very accommodating and actually opened the booth up early so that I could get in and test before the crowd arrived. I tried two different E1ís (.7 yellow brass and .6 sterling silver), two different E3ís (.7 gold brass and .6 yellow brass), an E2 select, a Miraphone 5050, and my Besson Prestige.

    After I finished playing all of them, I asked my listeners what they were hearing and they all agreed that the best instrument for me was the Miraphone 5050. I actually purchased the demo horn at the exhibit.

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    Hello Scott, congrats for your M5050 decision.... As I mentioned in my previous post on this thread, M5050 was my preferred euphonium at ITEC 2019!

    May I ask which mouthpiece(s) you used during your multi-eupho test at MidWest?

    Regards, Guido
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Heath View Post
    ...After I finished playing all of them, I asked my listeners what they were hearing and they all agreed that the best instrument for me was the Miraphone 5050. I actually purchased the demo horn at the exhibit.
    Hey Scott,

    Good for you!! The 5050 is a great horn, no doubt, and I would probably still be playing it today if it wasn't for my quite less than perfect lungs. That unfortunate reality provided me the reason to switch to the Adams E3, which for me, turns out to be the "one". You will surely enjoy the 5050.
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    Congrats Scott on your new M5050! I still love mine and often get compliments on its tone.
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    Congratulations Scott. What characteristics of the 5050 factored into your decision.

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    I played a 5050 for a while. When I think of that euphonium, I think of power and projection greater than any other horn I have ever played. Ultimately, the ergonomics of it just didn't work for me and I moved on.

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    Thanks to all for your input and advice over the past month. Guido, the mouthpieces that I used for my test were th Parker LaDuke 5G, and the Wick SM4U. After purchasing the horn I took a trip to see Carl Hammond in Chicago and purchased a Hammond F3. The F3 is a new mouthpiece with a more funnel shaped cup but with the rim closer to the Schilke. It really increased to clarity for me on the new Euphonium. I also made a call to Kronkhite cases and ordered a new bag from them, which may be 8-12 weeks until delivery.

    I have to review the rules on this forum but the Prestige will be up for sale.

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