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Thread: First recording of Shires Custom Series

  1. First recording of Shires Custom Series

    Hello fellow Euphers,

    I am posting this in multiple threads as it may spark different conversations.

    Below is the information about the new concerto but I also wanted to post in this thread because its the first concert recording I've done with the Shires Custom Series euphonium. The hall was a particular challenge, because it is a massive Chapel with 70+ ft.-high ceilings and we were also performing distanced from one another. But I think the recording captured the Custom Series sound really well.

    This is the "Custom" Model. I like to be largely ignorant about materials, bell sizes, etc. What I can tell you is I was using a 51D medium shank, and one of the new threaded receivers. It is my opinion that the custom series is amazing, and the possibilities of resonance, color, overtones, are just endless. I had no trouble soaring over a band of 80! In contrast to my Q series horn, I believe the sound to be deeper and richer. Let me know what you think!


    Tom Davoren has composed a brand new concerto for euphonium and wind band. You may recognize his work from the popular "Ascension" for solo trumpet and euphonium. The work was commissioned by the Michigan City Municipal Band, directed by Dr. Jeff Doebler. It was premiered at the Chapel of the Resurrection at Valparaiso University, Indiana on November 6th, 2021.

    Highlights and Features:

    -Challening Euphonium Solo, about as tough as Sparke's 1st Concerto.

    -Accesible, tuneful material.

    -Grade 3 band parts. This is a particularly amazing feat, as the work can be played with a very broad level of band, from a talented middle school to a professional ensemble. The parts are engaging and enjoyable.

    -The parts and score will be available at the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic for pre-order.

    -Piano reduction and Brass Band arrangement forthcoming.

    Solo begins at 12:35, and also the Serenade from the Student Prince is the encore.


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    Horn sounds fantastic, Hiram. I could hear it well over the band. Were you close to the mic? I have heard you on the other Shires, the Q41 I believe. In this setting it is hard to distinguish between the two horns with the band playing, acoustics in the room, etc. But the sound I heard was indeed lovely. A large part of that gorgeous sound being the player I am sure.
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  3. Hi all

    Am I missing something? Where do I go to hear the music? There's no link in Hiram's posts.


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    Hiram included the video within his post. But if you don't see it, you can try this link:
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    Post deleted by author.
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    Significant new euphonium solo! Tuneful and approachable but obviously challenging. Canít wait to see the sheet music. The Shires Custom sounds great. I listened on my iPhone through my car speakers so not the best fidelity but the horn has a great focused sound and also lets the player change timbres as needed.

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    All, yesterday I reached out to Alexis Smith at Shires ( This morning Alexis shared with me that "[...] there will be two models of our Custom Euphonium—one
    of which will be more lyrical and warm, and the other will have a bit more projection forward and brilliance. I can also tell you that both sound unbelievable.
    We should officially be releasing more information soon [...]We’ll put out a big release on our social media soon!"

    The above tantalizing tidbit might imply that there is a 41-type in the offing -- perhaps what Hiram Diaz featured in the recording(?), as well as a 40-type model.

    Hope we will learn more soon.

    Saluti, Guido
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  8. Hiram,

    You sound unbelievable! Wonderful.

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    Here are the specs and retail pricing Shires shared with me regarding the two custom Euphs. My local Eastman/Shires dealer is ordering two horns for demo purposes but does not expect any order, new or otherwise, to ship until April or May of 2022. It does indeed appear that the 12" model is not based on the single piece Q40 bell but the two piece Q41 bell. It seems that has been the feedback offered on the 12" model, make it more like the Q41 but just with a bigger bell. And while it shows interchangeable receivers similar to the older Hirsbrunner, I think the receiver is also an AGR that can be adjusted. I know a current Q40 owner who is having shires send an AGR for his current horn to make the Q40 more playable with Denis Wick mouthpieces. Overall it seems that if they can hit the sweet spot they can have two very nice horns that fulfill both the military and brass band markets.

    And yes, Hiram, this video should be the central part of their marketing - such an original sound, you truly are an amazing representative and master artist!
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    Thanks for getting those details! It's going to fun to see how it develops. I'll be at a regional ITEC in May; maybe Shires can have something to display there, assuming they want to come all the way to Iowa!
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