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Thread: "A few dents that don't affect playability"

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    "A few dents that don't affect playability"

    We see it all the time in ads: "a few dents that don't affect playability" when pictures demonstrate tubing smashed half flat, BIG dents that would have to impact air flow, and flattened bells that must impact the resonance of the horn. When do a few dents start to impact playability? Any thoughts?
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    It's always a judgement call. Part of it visual math. A half-inch dent in the leadpipe is probably serious, but in the bottom bow it's not a big deal. My original Sterling Virtuoso picked up a large, but not too deep, dent in the bottom bow. I was a Sterling Artist then, so I had a chance to play several other Sterlings. As far as I could detect my dent did absolutely no harm whatsoever. I had a similar dent in the long bow (the next largest part) and it didn't affect anything either.

    I would be wary of a an appreciable dent in the leadpipe. It would affect a larger percentage of the inner area and the leadpipe is generally considered a critical area.

    So if someone says that, and you see dents in the bell or large tubes (or in the handgrip), then playability is probably unaffected. BTW, in most designs the handpiece is only for comfort - no air passes through it.

    For ME, I would have a bell dent fixed for the visual affect. That's usually easy enough for a shop to do.

    On the other hand, if there is a dent on top of one of the bow guards, one should be aware that fixing it would be a big job. The guards have to be unsoldered, etc., and this could easily involve a bit of re-finishing.

    So I might agree or disagree with the statement, and I might draw the line in a different place from others. For one thing, appearance does matter to me (I know, I'm SO shallow!).
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