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  1. Silent Brass for Euph

    Has anyone used the Silent Brass for euph? I have one for tenor trombone (the newer small one, not the bowling-pin-looking thing) and it really works well. The euph model is soooo much more expensive, though. Also wondering if it works in bell-front models or just bell top. I should be able to just get the mute, and use the electronics and cords from my trombone unit, right?

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    I have both for tuba and euphonium silent brass (newer generation) Although I have not tried It on bell front baritone, I have successfully used It with euphonium, french saxhorn, british baritone ( with extremely care in order for It not to fall from the small bell) and with oval german baritone with great results. Yes, you should get just the mute, the electronics from your trombone mute will work (if is from the newer generation as well). I have done the same, got the euphonium mute alone and use It with the electronics that came with my tuba mute.

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  3. Forgot to mention that both tuba and euphonium mutes come with straps to secure the mute to the bell, that will help you with the bell front instrument.

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    As it is quite top-heavy, I suspect it would have a tendency to fall out of a bell-front. Even with the straps, it would slide out and not fit well I'm afraid.
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    My Silent Brass mute for my euphonium is over 20 years old. Its bit hard playing in the lower register. Other then that, it works. fine. I live in an apartment and had my property management in my suite a couple of times while I was playing. They said they can hear me play but the 'noise' level is acceptable (esp. compare to some people with their tv's on fairly loud and the usual fun with stuff going on in my apartment). I don't practice past 9pm for being courteous. I usually don't use the electronic module for it as there's just too many wires. I do have a newer module from when I got the Silent Brass mute for my trombone. The new Silent Brass Mute for euphonium is likely better then the original.


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