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    Tolerant Spouses

    It's a common theme with some brass players. Those who have a few horns are appreciative of a tolerant spouse who accepts the expense and storage ramifications. (John Morgan has often talked about how great his wife is in this regard.) But check this out - a post from Charley Brighton in England. What you see here is only a part of his flock!

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    Indeed!! That IS a very nice flock of euphoniums. Now comes the silly question. Is "flock" correct? There can be a gaggle of geese, a flock of birds, a murder of crows, a pod of whales and a school of fish. What do you call a bunch of euphoniums other than a bunch of euphoniums? I think maybe a compensation of euphoniums, ja? Or maybe a fourvalvery of euphoniums, ja? Or maybe a murderous gaggle of euphoniums.

    My wife was and is an absolute gem when it comes to me getting euphoniums or any instrument for that matter. Never a no in my entire marriage which is in the 5th decade. And she is the ultimate groupie, comes to every single rehearsal I have in whatever musical group, and to every performance. She also plays in one of the concert bands that I play in (she is a percussionist). I could not ask for a better wife, I am a very lucky man!!
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  3. Charley's wife plays baritone. Charley has converted his passion for vintage euphoniums into a business, servicing and restoring all kinds of horns. He is talented and patient. I have spent quite a bit of time with Charley and his collection. Couldn't meet a nicer man and Sue (his wife) is terrific too!
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    I’ve just received a wonderful new euphonium as a 44th wedding anniversary present.

    My non-musical spouse couldn’t be more “tolerant”.

    He left for yesterday’s outdoor concert before I did, to help set up seating, comes to every single concert I play in, and provides coverage when a baby sitting emergency comes up during my practice time.

    In short, BEYOND tolerance!

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    My wife who I’ve been married to for over 50 years is also very tolerant. About eight years ago I was drooling over the Miraphone 5050 Ambassador horn but thought it was too expensive. She said, “why not go ahead and get it?” So I did. I also prefer to practice in the living room due to the vaulted ceiling and larger room where it sounds better. No problem she says.

    Also like to add that Charley Brighton is indeed a really nice fellow. Many years ago we swapped emails and he sent me some music via ‘land mail’ - or over-sea mail at no cost to me.
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    My wife mostly suffers in silence my practise sessions ... )

    She has patiently tolerated my wandering-eye affairs with the flugel horn, Bb trumpet, short and soprano cornets, and finally... My discovery of the euphonium -- my true and forever brassy love.

    Yet the whole concept of "I need to upgrade my eupho, Dear!" seems to be obscure to her, at least for the time being... I must get a lot better at playing on my Festivo, and finding adoptive Daddies for my extant murder(!) of horns before she possibly relents again to my, Ahem... Yearnings for euphonological upgrades.

    (!) Note... To my non-brassophilic wife, my playing horns feels not quite as musical as the call of crows, hence my little harem of horns would be deemed but a.... Murder of horns at best *Grins!*

    Regards, Guido
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    Quote Originally Posted by John Morgan View Post
    Now comes the silly question. Is "flock" correct?
    I have never heard an actual answer to this one, but I am going to try a couple answers of my own. Five or more euphoniums (or any brass instrument) in one place is a "band" or maybe a "racket". Depending on how well they are playing together (smile/joke).

    Loving all the horn candy we see in this group. - Sara
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    Congratulation Ann for your 44th.... And for your new euphonium!

    With apologies for my minor derailing of this delightful thread, here is a question for you Ann... What wonderful horn did you adopt at the conclusion of your quest?

    Regards, Guido
    Wessex EP104 Festivo + DC4, SM4U

  9. My wife, it turns out, is tolerant because of my euphonium habit. When I was just collecting trombones, she was tolerant as long as I didn't use household money for it (and as long as I don't play scales or exercises - those drive her crazy she says). She didn't really want to hear trombones when she was trying to watch Survivor or something. But when I started playing euphonium, that sound was mellower, and she prefers it. If I had bought 3 more trombones, she would have looked askance, but when I bought 3 euphoniums, well, that's ok with her. Maybe I can sneak a compact valve trombone in there and tell her it's a euphonium... She bought me a Yamaha Silent Brass mute for trombone (which actually works great), but no such "gift" for euph yet.
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