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Thread: How best to order an Adams?

  1. How best to order an Adams?

    Hi all, new to posting but have lurked for years. I'm interesting in finally pulling the trigger on an E3 custom, but live in (very) rural WV. So, I'm looking to try to get my instrument ordered online. In your experience what's the best method? Email Adams directly? Order through a dealer? Any recommendations?


    Rich Bailey

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    The preferred method is to contact a dealer in your country and order from them. If you are looking for a dealer who is well integrated with Adams and don't have anything close by, check out Austin Custom Brass. They were one of the first U.S. Adams dealers:
    Dave Werden (ASCAP)
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    I recently bought an Adams Sonic, which I ordered from Baltimore Brass, a company which advertises on this site. They had to special order it from Adams because it's a new model. They were easy to do business with and I have no complaints. You might want to talk with a couple of shops, there might be a small difference in total cost to you from shipping, etc.

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    Agree with the above responses. Thereís no Adamís dealer near me but a friend has a relationship with Dillon Music in NJ so I used them. They were very helpful and communicated very well.

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    hi Rich, for completion's sake, find below the URL with the current list of Adams Brass dealers worldwide, including dealers in the US:

    Regards, Guido
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    Someone here may be selling their E3 with SS bell, trigger and short action valves. Something to consider if budget is a concern.
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    I agree that Austin Custom Brass is your best bet if you're in the states. Outstanding customer service.
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    Austin Custom Brass is indeed a great dealer. I got my Adams T1 Trombone through them (and Miel, sort of). Great customer service as well.

    When I ordered my Adams E3 (5-6 years ago), I used Taylor Music in Aberdeen, S.D. because I happen to live in South Dakota, and I had used them before to get my Miraphone M5050. I have a friend who had recommended Taylor Music to me when we first moved here in 2010. I have had good experiences with them.
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  9. Slightly off track but which E model would best suit for principle euphonium in a british brass band

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    Thanks for mentioning this. That would be me, and yes, the horn is available. Thereís a post in the for sale section (that is probably pretty far down by now)


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    Someone here may be selling their E3 with SS bell, trigger and short action valves. Something to consider if budget is a concern.
    Mike Taylor

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