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Thread: going to college/ college auditions in the future

  1. going to college/ college auditions in the future

    Hello all, my name is Galen, im 18 years old and im currently a post-graduate at the Interlochen arts academy. coming into this year my college list included schools like the university of michigan, Florida state, the university of north Texas and Indiana university. but with the way that my playing is now and with the amount of stress that's been coming up in regards to performing and auditioning, my teacher thinks that trying to go to college as a euphonium performance major might not be a good fit. the schools listed previously have really competitive studios and at this point they all seem like stretches.

    I have little desire to be a music teacher like in the sense of being a band or orchestra director, and currently like the aptitude for composing or arranging music. my ambition is to be a performer, wether that be in a military band or a wind symphony, I've always dreamed about traveling the world playing music.
    I think that teaching euphonium or trombone would be really cool though so a music education degree would apply there. I know how competitive military bands and the like are to get into, so its good to have a plan b. with that in mind, I've recently discovered an increased interest in the ecological and biological field, and having an involvement in nature as a career path is very alluring at the moment.

    I have a few colleges that I think could be safety/less out of reach schools. they include St. Olaf, University of Minnesota Morris, Lawerence University, and the university of Iowa. I have decent academics so I have an alright chance to get into the schools I mentioned previously, but im wondering if I for example get into lets Indiana university as a music ed major, will I still be able to be in the euphonium studio? I feel like my chances of getting into high schools of music are slim, should anyone recommend any colleges that might be more along the lines of a target school?

    thanks in advance for any responses!
    I hope everyone is well

  2. Oddball suggestion:
    BA (Hons) Music, Open University, UK

    --Minimal residency requirement, year 3 as a capstone in the performance class; otherwise online
    --Live/travel where you like when you study
    --Not difficult to gain entrance
    --Not expensive compared to many places

    --Little emphasis on performance
    --School has reputation of grading harshly

  3. Hello Galen.

    If you have little desire to be a music teacher, do not major in music education.
    If your teacher thinks that majoring in performance is not a good fit, do not major in performance.
    Take lessons, practice and play as much as possible and pick a major in a field that could start you down the path of economic security.
    Keep music in your life, but don't depend upon it to earn your living.
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    Galen, BPwilliams gives some good advice. I have a friend who plays euphonium very well. He got his BA in euphonium performance at Indiana University, continued on at FSU working towards his master's. Didn't get the gig so tried teaching band but didn't care for it. He's now a cook. He still plays euph but as an avocation and still loves playing.
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  5. Don't fall into the trap of getting into huge debt for college. If you can't afford it, go to a school you can afford. Student debt follows you for a long time and can make life miserable.

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    Have you considered going to University of North Dakota? Dr. Joel Pugh is a really great euphonium and trombone player. A plan B like ecological and biological field would be a good fit and keep playing on 'the side' at an university which has a strong low brass program. BPwilliams gave really good advice.

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    As I'm sure you're aware, Demondrae Thurman is professor of Euphonium at Indiana University Jacobs school of music. As Bloomington, Indiana is within driving distance of Interlochen, perhaps you could arrange a visit and a meeting with Dr. Thurman to discuss your education and career options with him. (I've only talked to him very briefly, but he seemed nice and is certainly in the top ranks of euphonium players. His contact information is on the School of Music website.)
    (Afterthought: If you arrange a visit, be aware of road construction between Indianapolis and Bloomington. Also might want to avoid weekends with a home football game.)

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    Good luck in your decision Galen! Ultimately nobody on this forum can make it for you so listen to the advice of those close to you as well as the voice inside you and do your best!

    When I was in high school I really wanted to study music in college. After listening to the advice of people close to me and also my own, I ended up with bachelor's and master's degrees in geology (which I also don't think was very high on the list of some of those offering me advice haha).

    I went to a fairly small liberal arts school for undergrad and was active in the music department while majoring in something else. I did lessons, wind ensembles, tuba-euph quartets, performed on the occasional recital, marching band, pep bands,etc... I still find personal enjoyment playing music as a hobby on the side as an adult.

    Just wanted to share my experience with you so you have an idea that music can still be part of your life without entering the incredibly competitive world of professional touring musician, as others have shared. That said, if it is possible financially/academically/emotionally/etc then maybe give it a shot. What do I know after all?!

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    In music schools, there are more options than Music Ed and Performance.
    Music Business, great for someone wanting to do know all aspects of the industry, including marketing management and recording depending on the school. Great for someone wanting to be a touring musician.
    Music Theory and Composition, if that your thing.
    Music History, likewise.

    And I think, unless something is really wrong, any music major is a member of the studio. You may not have a recital requirement as a history major, but you can probably schedule a recital even if not “required”. I think most ensembles were by audition, not which music program.

    At my school, non majors could take lessons with the grad assistant, play in the tuba euph ensemble and the concert band. So that would keep you in the music world while pursiung other nonmusic major. Also had friends who played at the nearby community college while at the university. Preference for the top band to majors probably.

    There are also school options for recording and music business like Full Sail. And they do have accredited BA degree programs.

    Programs Include:
    Audio Production Bachelor's
    Music Production Bachelor's
    Recording Arts Bachelor's
    Show Production Bachelor's

    ALSO, Hawaii Pacific University Honolulu has a great biology and ocean science department. And ecological science (like doing site evaluations to protect wildlife) AND playing in their pep band can come with a significant scholarship. May need to play trombone, but trombone is easy, only one moving part. They used to do auditions by video.

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    Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana has a music program that you might wish to explore, especially since you are a euphonium student. Michael Colburn is director of bands and also the euphonium instructor. In case you don’t immediately recognize the name, Prof. Colburn was not only principal euphonium player for “The President’s Own” United States Marine Band but also its Director for many years. His contact information is on the Butler University School of Music website.
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