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Thread: FS: Modified Besson 180

  1. FS: Modified Besson 180

    Hey everyone! I’m looking to sell my Besson 180 that I picked up a few months ago. I’m going to hopefully be learning to double (triple?) on bass bone and tenor bone, and this money would go towards helping me buy one of these horns. The model 180 is essentially a new standard, but it has a detachable front-facing bell. The horn is medium bore, but this one in particular was modified at some point to take a small shank mouthpiece. Just the receiver was replaced (not the whole leadpipe).

    Work that needs to be done on the horn: resoldering or replacement of the mouthpiece receiver (I keep it taped up when I play since it’s a bit leaky), small bell crease removal, maybe a few small dent removals if aesthetics is important to you)

    I’m asking $1050 plus shipping (I’ve never shipped a horn before, so I’m going to say CONUS only for this). That will include the Besson hard case I got the horn in and some random small shank mouthpiece
    If you’d like to meet in person halfway, I’m willing to drive a few hours from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I’ll lower the price to $1000.
    If you have any questions, would like some playing recordings, or would like more pictures, definitely shoot me a message!
    Jarod Quigley

    Edit: I’ve been seeing some tempting trombones for sale, so I’m lowering the price to $950 plus shipping or $900 if you’d like to meet halfway.

    Edit 2: After looking into replacing the receiver and seeing how much of a pain it would be, I’m lowering the price significantly. I’m looking for $700 plus shipping.
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