Greetings everyone! For a little background I was a tuba major in college and continue on to earn a master’s degree in music while continuing to play and study tuba. I played a Meinl-Weston 25 BBb in college and switched to an Amati- stenciled Cerveny BBb with rotors in post graduate study, not Sue of model number. After much experimenting with mouthpieces, settled on a good old Conn Helleberg 120s as my favorite for comfort, flexibility, and sound. I played tuba for around 30 years total, but then poor health left me without the wind or stamina I used to have in my youth. I sold my tuba and switched to playing euphonium for a while. Finally I gave up on that as well. Fast forward 20 years. I have lost around 80 pounds, am in much better health, and have an urge to start playing tuba again. It would be mostly for my own pleasure at home, although there is also a possibility I might have a chance to participate in a college jazz band reunion next year. I know it will take time to get my chops and technique back, but first I need a horn. I have spent literally hundreds of hours I’ll bet looking at what’s available these days. I don’t see myself spending 10,000 dollars or more on a Mirafone or Meinl-Weston, and anyway I don’t think I would be able to handle the weight, bulk, and wide bore at my age. I am thinking about a smaller piston valve horn, 3 valves to keep the weight and cost down. The horn I’ve found that seems to fit my requirements is the King 1135, but it is marketed as a “student horn”. The specifications state that the lead pipe is “placed appropriately” for a student. I am afraid, as a normal sized adult, that the lead pipe would be too low to be comfortable for me. Is it unheard of for an adult to play this particular horn? Has anybody here done it successfully? What about the King 1140, which has upright valves instead of up front? There are very few choices for small horns anymore. I know there are Chinese made options but want to avoid those for a variety of reasons. Also wondering if the Helleberg mouthpiece would be a good choice for this horn. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give this old geezer!