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Thread: Henry Charles Smith - 1931-2021

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    Henry Charles Smith - 1931-2021

    I just learned from Lee Dummer of the death of Henry Charles Smith. It's a sad day, but he surely led a productive life and influenced players and music in general. He commissioned a great many works for euphonium and orchestra. Here is some more info:

    I studied with him starting around 1979 and whenever I could be near him. After I moved to MN upon leaving the CG Band, Henry led a joint brass choir from our church and a neighboring church. He arranged duets for Lee Dummer (also in this area) and me to play with the brass group 2 years in a row. What a thrill that was! Here is a photo of us discussing something before one of those events:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm sorry to hear this. RIP Henry Charles Smith.

    Robert Pendergast, DM

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    Yeah, sorry to hear about the loss of your friend Dave. When I saw your post I went back and read the interview you have posted on your site thar I always enjoy reading.

    And I also came across a couple recordings on YouTube and gave them a listen. One was Henry Charles Smith Plays Baritone, and the other was a recording of him playing the Alan Hohvaness Symphony 29 for Baritone Horn. What beautiful music those two recordings were! What a wonderful champion our instrument had in Henry Charles Smith.

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    Thanks for posting. I studied euphonium with Prof. Smith while he was at Indiana University. He was a great musician and a true gentleman.

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    Loved the way he played that Connstellation!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snorlax View Post
    Loved the way he played that Connstellation!
    The Connstellation will always be a major favorite of mine, and just by luck I happened to come across the pamphlet that he’d done for Conn, some time in the ‘60s I think, and being, as I am, a pretty ignorant beginner, it was a real help.

    I wish I’d been able to contact him, but having that pamphlet makes me feel as though I was in some way his student.

    Sympathy to those who knew and admired him.


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