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Thread: Wessex Sinfonico - Dave Werden Review

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    Good point JHarris, I just edited my post, and by your suggestion, I added "modern".... As in "grazes the performance of modern pro horns"

    Wessex EP104 Festivo + DC4, SM4U

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    FYI, I just added this video to the blog review. It is a close look at the mouthpiece receiver bits, where I used 3 Wick mouthpieces: 4AL, 4AM, 4BS. If you are planning to switch them out now and then, I point out something to watch out for.

    Dave Werden (ASCAP)
    Euphonium Soloist, U.S. Coast Guard Band, retired
    Adams Artist (Adams E3)
    Alliance Mouthpiece (DC4)
    YouTube: dwerden
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    Twitter: davewerden
    Instagram: davewerdeneuphonium

  3. Love the review, Dave! Iíve had my eye on this horn ever since it was put onto Wessexís site. Iíve been playing a Wessex Dolce for about two years, so this seems like a good next step for me as I enter the second half of my undergrad. This review has me excited to go visit the showroom so I can try out the horn for myself!

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