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    Conn Constellation 24i

    I bought a Conn Constellation 24i Euphonium years ago. It did not have a trigger for the tuning slide. I had someone make me one from a picture on the internet, but he did not succeed with an spring to pop it back into position. Does anyone have one of these horns with a trigger that can take a picture and show me what it would look like? I live in Orlando

  2. I've got one. It's just a spring in a tube connected to two bits on the horn and the main tuning slide, and then a trumpet 3rd valve slide ring attached to the main tuning slide. There;s a wheel and adjusting screw to set the main tuning position. There's no lever mechanism. I'll get a photo later today if someone else hasn't put one up.

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    Thanks, the picture will be helpful if you can send one. i am having horn completely restored (only 2 small dings in it, but worn out lacquer i places, so the lacquer needs to be redone). it would be good to also fix trigger on tuning slide the best i can get done.

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    If anyone knows of someone who has actually built a trigger, that would be good to know

  5. Click image for larger version. 

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    I was getting this one confused with the tuning mechanism from the 2280. The 24i is a little more complex. The finger ring is on a piece that attaches to the sliding core that goes through the spring. You have to get the nuts on the top end tight, or it comes apart. The opera wheel at the bottom adjusts the tuning slide, and the little nut on top of it tightens it down. Mine shown isn't quite right. The red felt on the bottom should be up touching the cylinder. Does that get you where you need to go?

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    It is a better picture. i had someone try to build the mechanism, but he never got a spring to work. I believe he tried to make one out of piano wire. I still sent out the horn to get two small dings removed and then re-lacquered and will try to figure out how to do the slide mechanism later. I may still be able to find someone who can build it so it works right.

    Thanks for going to the effort of posting the picture.

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    Does anyone know what mouthpiece to use for the Conn Constellation 24i/25i Euphonium? I am the one who had his refurbished. The mouthpiece i originally got with the horn was a small shank and there as an adaptor. I try using a Steven Meade Wick mouthpiece that says it is a medium Shank (SM4U) in the writeup. It seems no smaller than the large shank mouthpieces i use for my Besson or my Yamaha Bass Trombone. The mouthpiece does not go very far into the horn.

    Rich Gorscak

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    You’ve hit upon a problem with the Conn Constellation 24i: it requires a unique mouthpiece shank. It’s been a couple of years since I last played my 24i. (I used to get it out for summer community band concerts.) I had good experience with a Schilke 51D which had the shank turned down on a lathe at the old Schilke store to make a good fit. The last time I played my 24i, I used a small shank Bach 5G with the Conn adaptor. That also seemed to work well for me. It depends on the sound you want and what mouthpiece is most comfortable for you.

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    Yes, i was reading someone selling a beat up 25i and said it had no mouthpiece, but that it took a special one. Serves me right for selling my original Conn 55 years ago. i looked on eBay, but saw nothing that made me think it would work with the Conn. i will try the 51D, small shank with the adaptor and see how that works. i have no one who can custom something. I assume a European shank is not good also!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rgorscak View Post
    I assume a European shank is not good also!

    Unfortunately, the standard European shank mouthpiece won't work in your Conn 24i either.


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