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Thread: Montreal Citadel-Salvation Army - low brass

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    Montreal Citadel-Salvation Army - low brass

    Montreal Citadel (Salvation Army Brass Band Music) - Militarmusik-Military Music-Low Brass version:

    Montreal Citadel, composed in 1934 has proved to be a very popular addition to the repertoire since that time. The march is constructed in a traditional format and contains a ‘full blooded’ opening that was reflective of the extremely large band that the composer was conducting at the time of composition. Played by: Jorjin van Hese - Euphonium/ Bariton Daniel Ridder - Tuba/Euphonium Recorded July 2021 Composed by Norman Audoire Arrangement by Alexander Addis

    This video above was just shared on another site and I thought it sounded great! Great balance.
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