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Thread: WTB: leather guards for Miraphone ambassador

  1. WTB: leather guards for Miraphone ambassador

    Hello all, I'm looking for leather guards for my miraphone ambassador 5050. Is there a specific website where I can purchase the guards or do I have to get them made?

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    Hi and welcome to the forum!

    Yes! LSCO Guards (Leather Specialties) has a custom made set of four guards that I helped design. This company was started by Larry Black, trumpet player and teacher formerly with Atlanta Symphony. Larry Black was one of Chris Martin’s (NY Philharmonic) early trumpet teachers.

    Here’s a link to a post showing those guards on my M5050:

    Hopefully I have the link below right to get you to the correct page 3. NOTE: My M5050 does not have the trigger.

    LSCO Guards - Miraphone 5050:
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