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Thread: ISO Willson 2900

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    ISO Willson 2900

    I'm looking for a Willson 2900. Lacquer or Silver plate.
    Ben Dawley
    Music Director,
    Calvary Baptist Church & Academy
    Euphonium, Mid-Michigan Brass Band

    Adams E1
    Sterling Silver Bell
    Brushed Lacquer

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    Nov 2014
    Palm Springs, CA
    Hello Ben
    I have a Willson 2900s I am trying to sell. Please contact me email is cell phone is 773-992-8192. I have it listed on Facebook with pictures can share them with you also if you wish. I have it listed for $6000 but ALL offers will be taken in to consideration. Plus I may be listing it here also as that is what I came on here to do.
    Hope I can help
    Mark Wienand
    Mark Wienand
    Willson 3400 TA Compensating Eb Bass
    Willson 2900 Euphonium


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