Iím not really sure this is how I should approach this since Iím a first time forum user but Iím in a small rut I guess?

Iím currently trying to purchase a miraphone horn but the only problem is is that I canít sell my horn. No one seems interested enough in it and I donít know what else to do. Itís a sterling virtuoso 1065GS horn and itís in great shape. Iím asking $4,500 seeing as I bought it used and itís still in the same shape as when I got it. I have money saved up which would allow me to get closer to buying the miraphone but I just canít seem to sell my horn. Itís been close to a month with my horn up and I donít like making someone wait as Iíve got the miraphone reserved currently. If anyone is interested or has advice, please let me know!