In that I am a euph player and know little about trombones, and know that some of you double on trombone, I'm reaching out to you for your input.

I am selling two trombones for a friend who just recently went into a nursing home:
1. King 3B Silver Sonic Anniversary Model, silver 8" bell, F attachment, in very good to excellent condition including a very nice case
2. King 3B Concert, 8" bell, no F Attachment, one dent, some pitting, solid case, in overall good condition

I'm seeking help in knowing what these horns are worth. I realize that pictures would be a great help, but in lieu of pictures a price range would be helpful. Osmun Brass, the premier brass shop here in New England, told me that they were both worth around $1500, although they have not seen the horns. It would seem to me that the Silver Sonic would be worth more than the 3B Concert, but again I know nothing about the value of trombones.

Any help in establishing sale prices for these horns would be greatly appreciated. We are only trying to sell them for a fair price.

Thanks in advance for your help!