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Thread: Recommend a mouthpiece please

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    Recommend a mouthpiece please

    My 10 year old son is entering Middle School this fall and will be in band. Hes decided to play euphonium and is practicing on my beat up but quite playable 3 valve bell front horn. The only small shank mouthpieces I have are a Schilke 51D or an old Bach 15. I think one is too big and the other too small. What are your recommendations?

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    If he's just beginning, a small shank Bach 6.5AL would be a good choice I think. Yamaha 48 is an option too, or a Wick 6BS.

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    Yep, 6.5AL will last until high school and then you can try 51D or 5G esque MP. I played 6.5AL all through HS. Also agree with the Wick 6BS and Yamaha 48 above. Any standard mp in this size (or maybe a tad smaller since he's 10) will suffice. Euphonium/Trombone Mouthpiece Guide (
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