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    Red face Euphonium Range

    Hi, I'm a sophomore high school Euph player. I've been playing Euph since 6th grade, though I haven't been properly taught until 9th grade. I'm trying to expand my range on the instrument as the pieces I want to play require the player to have a good consistent upper register. Currently, the highest note I can play sort of consistently is an F. I can hit B-Flat, but it is very thinly sounding note. I know the Euph has a wide range, and I'd like to take advantage of that. How can I properly expand my range on the Euph?

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    I’ve used Arban’s for Trombone, page 156 (the interval exercise) since I started playing.

    My pretty amazing teacher says that if you work your embouchure between your low range and high range, it ultimately strengthens both.

    Be patient, take your own teacher’s advice and make it part of your warm up every day. Practice practice practice.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    As with most things on euphonium, when you build high range you want to do so gradually, consistently, AND correctly. There are "shortcuts" that people try, like shifting the mouthpiece, but those are not a good solution.

    Here is the technique that I find useful and safe:
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    Thank you! I've looked up the PDF and I've never seen this book before, so I'm grateful you made me aware of it!
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    Also, ironically, I found your video on Building Strength in the High Range this morning and I feel now I have a better knowledge of what to do! Thank you!
    "Mind Control, Mind Restart." - Fate of the Stars by Tally Hall

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    I'm using the Caruso exercises and they're showing results. I'm beginning my 4th week and will be using Ex. 1, 2, and 4 this week. I'm very pleased with my progress.

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