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Thread: Earle Louder memories...

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    Earle Louder memories...

    The great Earle Louder passed away Wednesday May 26 at age 88. If you follow the various Facebook Tuba/Euphonium Groups, you may have read of his death. His Wikipedia page is a bit sparse ( I can't find a thread here so please share your memories of Dr. Louder here.

    I first heard Earle play with the Detroit Concert Band at their summer concerts held at the Michigan State Fairgrounds band shell in Detroit. I was in high school and had never heard the euphonium played with such skill. In addition, he was the DCB's assistant conductor. One summer break from my studies at Michigan State I took lessons with Dr. Louder. He taught me a great deal and it was clear he was a disciple of Leonard Falcone and had advanced Falcone's style to a more modern approach with a modern euphonium. I can't recall what brand he played at that time (about 1977). It may have been a Sovereign. Later he was affiliated with Hirsbrunner and I believe Fred at Custom Music who was their US distributor at the time.

    Later on I got to know Dr. Louder better as he and I served together on the Board of Directors of the Falcone Festival at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp. Earle was unfailingly kind and gracious. The Board would arrive a few days prior to the Festival and after meetings and dinner we would play various pieces together. Playing alongside Earle, Marty Erickson, Phil Sinder and others was an intimidating and heady experience! Getting to know Earle and being his friend was one of the great honors of my life as a euphonium player. May this kind and generous man Rest in Peace.

  2. Michael,

    I was blessed to attend the Trombone/Euphonium Choir at Blue Lake with Earle three times. What a joy! I could only repeat all of the things many others have said about his kindness. However, this was not the first time I met Earle louder.

    I first met Earle Louder in 1960 at the Gunnison Music Camp during his US Navy Band years. I was 9 years old and a 1st year beginner on baritone horn. Earle played Simone Mantia's "Endearing Young Charms" with the Director's Band under the baton of Bob Hawkins. Earle followed Bob Hawkins to Bowling Green after his Navy career was over.

    Earle and I talked about this era 45 years later when I was at Blue Lake.

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    There’s another tread about Dr. Earle Louder here: where Dave and Robert Pendergast posted two interesting links.
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    Thank you Rick. I missed that thread.


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