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Thread: Vibrato

  1. I was just going to ask about vibrato, and here it is all laid out for me. I'm a trombonist who uses mainly jaw vibrato, some slide as appropriate for jazz, so the jaw vibrato just fits naturally into my euph playing. I've noticed a lot of euphoniumists tend to use very fast vibrato. I think mine sounds more like the Demondrae recording.

  2. Yes, I wasn't suggesting you do hand vibrato if you can do lip vibrato. It's just the stage I'm at while I work on other aspects of my playing and for now I'm satisfied with the hand vibrato. It's not ideal, but it works well enough for now.

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    I've tried to master jaw vibrato for years. Nope. Diaphragm? Not in this lifetime.

    My jaw vib is such that friends say it sounds better without, so...

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    I can relate, DG! ☹️
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    My own experience is that a vibrato is for sure a must when soloing, imagine the 2nd part of Horovitz' euphonium concerto (which I am practicing now) without.

    However, when playing for example Bach Chorales with a brass band, a vibrato can spoil and unblend (is that an English word?) the "sacral ambience" of the very precise harmony to my opinion. Besides no vibrato, my old band conductor even forbid us to breathe simultaneously when we played these pieces, in order to create a "flat" and uninterrupted church organ effect. The effect was beautiful, but needless to say that our heads ranged frequently from red to purple when we rehearsed this music.

    As an exercise to develop a smooth vibrato I have found it very useful to play against a flat drone tone as tonic and listen how the fast/slow and large/small vibrato works out on the different degrees of that scale. You will find drone tones easily on YouTube, BoneZone Music is one of the channels I use.

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