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Thread: Bell Front American Baritones

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    Sorry. I've got a nice 3 valve. Looking for a Conn 4 valve. Where, oh where, will my desires be fulfilled?

    1935 Conn 64I Baritone
    Mouthpieces: Too many to list and growing

  2. This isn't an American horn, but it's front facing bell might fit the bill.

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    Dave Werden posted this listing today-
    David Shinn
    Peninsula Concert Band
    Yorktown, Virginia

    1971 Besson ‘New Standard’ 181 Euphonium (Frosted Silver/Bright Highlights)
    ~ Alliance ‘David Childs’ DC3M (Silver/Gold Cup)
    1974 Besson ‘New Standard’ 767 Euphonium (Frosted Silver/Bright Highlights)
    ~ Denis Wick ‘Besson 180th Anniversary’ 4AL (Frosted Silver/Gold Cup)
    1962 Besson ‘New Standard’ 176 Euphonium (Bright Silver)
    ~ Denis Wick 4AM (Silver/Gold Cup)

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    From what I have seen the king 2266 is actually currently going out of production and its completely sold out in Europe. A few american stores do still have it though if you want a brand new horn.

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