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Thread: Practicing Rochut

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    Practicing Rochut

    I’ve been using Joe Dixon’s Key-of-the-week exercises as part of my practice routine. The exercises contain major & minor scales, some Arban exercises and some of Clarke’s exercises. I really like them! However, there is nothing like playing “real” music for keeping your chops strong and I realized that I could work Rochut’s Melodious Etudes For Trombone into the KOW routine. For that purpose, I made an index by key signature of the 60 etudes. I’m picking one of the etudes according to the key of the week; after 12 weeks, I will have touched 12 etudes; eventually I will have touched them all. It’s helpful to make an note regarding each etude that you’ve worked on. Regards to All, Carroll

    PS: I tried to attach the index as a pdf, but at 22 Kb, it exceeded the allowable files of 19 Kb. The limit seems rather small to me!
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    I've used Rochut Etudes for years. Get to work that 4th valve a bunch.

    Zounds, even memorized some of them for warm-ups!

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    The etudes are fun and challenging for intermediate players like myself, so I've been getting back into them during the pandemic. It may not have been clear that I provided indexes to Joe Dixon's website and to a PDF of the Rochut index in the original post. All 12 key signatures are represented! Some of the etudes have signature changes; these are indicated with parenthesis. I didn't attempt to analyze if the pieces are in a major versus minor key - maybe after I've played through all of them


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