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Thread: My new Doubler

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    Enjoy the Doubler! I enjoyed play-testing it
    I had a collection of 25 or so amateur radios from the 40s and 50s--Hammarlund, Hallicrafters, National, Johnson, etc...still have a couple in addition to my more recent issue ham gear--mostly Kenwood. Love those old Philcos, RCAs, Crosleys, etc. I also have a Bakelite or two from the 50s--loved those Bakelite cabinets!! Still have a huge box full of tubes & other parts as well.
    Jim Williams N9EJR (love 10 meters)
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    The doubler is a pleasure to play! It more than replaces my antique radio collection.
    I spent about a decade restoring old radios though. All were recapped/rewired and, of course, lots of cosmetic work to do. The wood cabinets were my favorites. It always required re-gluing veneers. Most old fashion resistors had changed value over the centuries and required replacement as well.
    Jim, your interest in Ham gear sounds like a fun hobby! I never got into that part of the radio world, except while in the Air Force. I was a Morse Intercept operator! Not much of that these days!

    Oh well, it was fun while it lasted...but change can be good too. I've now made the necessary purchases to get back in the music game. Glad I did it. Diane and I will enjoy going to concerts together (hopefully soon if this darn virus will go away) Of course I have to get my chops back in order first. I find keeping up with the speed of some songs a challenge. The band I've joined are doing Zoom rehearsals, and some of the pieces they play... I have to sit back and let those passages go by for now. I need to practice them at a slower rate first and work up to the performance speed required. I suppose the challenge is good for someone my age..keeps the mind working, y,know?

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    Surely in the case is the best place for it? Unless it's being played my euphonium is in its case. No reason for anything other than that, unless unzipping a bag or undoing a couple of latches is too time consuming, of course.
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