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Thread: I just saw a listing for a York Master Trombonium--does anyone

  1. I just saw a listing for a York Master Trombonium--does anyone

    know about such an instrument? It was made by Meinl-Western in Germany (I think that's what I remember the of the manufacturer's name).



  2. Hello

    The company is Boehm-Meinl.

    Little Jimmy

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    I saw the listing. With an original mouthpiece, great condition, and $350?! Steal. Buy it.

    The Trombonium is a fantastic instrument, marred by issues with the mouthpiece. The original instruments have some obnoxious proprietary receiver, and the instrument itself is much more conical than a real Trombone, so it's extremely mouthpiece hateful. If you've got the mouthpiece that it came with, you're set.

    I've got an OG H.N. White Trombonium, and it's totally legit once you sort out the mouthpiece issues. Absolutely must use a small mouthpiece, but the sound is really nice. Intonation is perfectly fine. Slotting is excellent and makes this an incredibly easy instrument to play. Easily the best of the small valve tenor things.
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