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Thread: Cell phone ringtone

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    If I ever hear my phone ring I've made a mistake - it is permanently on silent/vibrate.
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    If anyone from my contacts calls me, my phone rings (the ringtone is my Mustang Boss 302 doing a high-speed dash from 0-60, I know, I should have some euphonium thing, but boy does that Mustang sound awesome !!). On the other hand, if the call is from a non-contact, the ring tone for that type of call is an audio track that is completely silent. I don't hear it, and if it is a legitimate caller, after a short bit the caller gets my recorded message saying if you are selling something or are a robo-caller or anything like that, hang up, otherwise, please leave me a message and I will get back to you in the fullness of time. Keeps me from popping up every time the phone rings. This is the only method that keeps me from totally throwing my phone in the toilet.
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