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Thread: King 2266 (four valve - bell front)

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    King 2266 (four valve - bell front)

    Hello Everyone,

    Out of curiosity, I tried finding a new King 2266 (the four valve, bell front version) on the internet. I think I was looking mainly out of nostalgia, but I also wondered if it would work as a good jazz horn. Anyway, is King no longer producing these? It wouldn't surprise me if they've not been manufactured for a number of years and I'm just now noticing.


    Robert Pendergast, DM

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    I don't know for sure, but I suppose it is possible the COVID weirdness has affected production. I think sales are down generally, and they might not want to product/stock every model right now. A 4-valve American-style horn can be great for band work (or jazz), but it is probably a small portion of the market right now. I, too, will be curious to see if the 2266 will be around again at some point (in new stock).
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