Hi all, Iím selling a few mouthpieces I no longer use nor need. (The Alliance I believe I had listed here awhile back, so thatís why there might be multiple listings for it here. Itís the same mouthpiece as before!)
All mouthpieces have already been cleaned, but also will be sanitized again prior to packing/shipping. Prices include shipping to the CONUS, and discounts if you decide to purchase more than one!

Iíll be adding pictures later this week, and as always please let me know if you have any questions!

-Alliance E3A (large shank) $35
Silver plated, some insertion marks and light surface scratches, but nothing that affects playability or has worn through the plating. Similar to the SM4U I believe, based on what I have found online. Iíve never played the original SM4U (only had an SM4X for several years), so if I got that incorrect, please let me know!. No dents in the shank. Selling as I currently play on a medium shank euph and have no need for this anymore.

-DEG Bowman BB2EU (medium/euro shank) $45
Silver plated, in good condition aside from some light surface scratches, insertion marks and tarnish (which I will polish off before shipping) No dents in the shank. This is the version before Griego restarted production. Bought from Dillon Music last year, but found it didnít work well for me. This is a shallower version of the more popular BB1.

-Giddings E-1 M (medium/euro shank) $90
Polished Stainless steel, some light surface scratches and insertion marks. Logo and model number are still clear with little to no wear on them. Shank end is round, never dropped or dented. Also purchased from Dillon Music last year, when I was trying different mouthpieces, but found the EXL works better for me. Currently going between the EXL and my Wick 4AM.