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Thread: Cleaning accessory comparable to the Quick Horn Rinse?

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    Cleaning accessory comparable to the Quick Horn Rinse?


    I can't seem to find the Quick Horn Rinse Sudsor that has the large bore attachment. I understand that the owner has passed away so I am wondering if purchasing the sudsor with the small bore attachment will work fine on a medium shank Willson 2900 or if something like the Meinlschmidt Hydro Jet M1, found on the Hickey's Music Center website, will work just as well. About two baths ago, I used an orange colored brass soap that has left a nasty orange residue on the inside of my horn that I just can't seem to get rid of, no matter how long I soak the horn in basic Dawn dish soap. The residue shows up when I empty water through water keys, from slides without water keys, and sometimes shows up on the valves themselves. So my next step is to purchase one of these mentioned cleaning products to help blast the inside of the horn a bit to help remove the residue.

    Any advice is appreciated!
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  2. Sounds like the Messerschmitt model might be the weapon to use against the Agent Orange. It is pricey but if it works ... the Horn Rinse functions can be duplicated with some ingenuity on your part, so the other product would be where I would put my $$. FWIW.
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    I believe that QHR is still in business. My unit came with the tapered black tube on the end of the clear vinyl tube as pictured on their website. It is made to fit any bore.
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