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Thread: Yamaha 642s- for sale

  1. Yamaha 642s- for sale

    This euphonium is in great condition. I was a second user and have played it for about 6 years now. It has water gutter under the main 3 valve section. Included is also custom valve caps which are gold with purple/pink pearl which you can see in the pictures. I will be the original caps as well. It will be sent with the original Yamaha case with 6 keys for the case lock.

    There are a couple larger dents in the horn shown in the pictures and a plating issue on the third valve due to a repair involving having to reshape the slide. The slide is a little stiff but works well. Before I sell it it will have a professional chemical clean and polish.

    PM me if youre interested! Use this ebay link:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 3F2DEAAD-7B71-4DCA-9EC0-128C2CBB1CD8.jpeg   3446F8F5-082A-4BB2-A796-193C9AEAF7DC.jpeg   14625260-70CC-46C9-9040-E8CB9625E0DD.jpeg   BAB98AA8-DF65-4A10-A722-78001032A1A7.jpeg   FD80BDAE-98B5-4923-8C57-20A11F525CB3.jpeg  

    909AFE00-8F5A-4057-A946-7FD4DBF581FF.jpeg   CAAC3769-323A-4E9C-A55F-101F19190218.jpeg   79B21A28-32A2-421F-A7B7-3EF081DF3062.jpeg   44059A40-FB16-4604-BDF6-BA827765FE3C.jpeg   25F44CF7-FACD-4086-B4B2-1E5579DC1A63.jpeg  

    F7FE4A41-C9D8-4002-BD2D-B9D92D73FC18.jpeg   95842B6B-10E7-4FDE-9419-B0840B2BA804.jpeg   FD31A06C-2B15-4401-8366-A0C26B34FBDC.jpeg  
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  2. I am also open to offers from anyone as well!

  3. I have now moved the price down to $4,000


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