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Thread: Amati AHEP800 compensating euphonium

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  1. Amati AHEP800 compensating euphonium

    Does anybody own one of this horns?
    What do you think of it?
    A long time ago, I started plaIying on an oval Amati baritone.
    I'm pretty curious of this horn.
    Seems a little expensive for an Amati.
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    That's interesting. There was a recent thread where we discussed the apparent fact that Cerveny/Amati had gone out of business and their workers and designs had shifted over to Lidl. But now there's this note on Amati's web page:

    So I guess it's not the full story. Yet Lidl still has a bunch of the Cerveny designs listed on their web page.

    Regarding the model you posted, it looks almost exactly like the Cerveny Emporer.

  3. Yeah, and its's only a bit cheaper.
    It would be interesting to try one.
    I guess it's a new model. There is nothing about it on the web.
    I have heard rumors about Amati and Cerveny going out of business, but I think they are too big names to disappear. I hope somehow they make it. B-A-C revived the Benge name a few years ago, so there's still hope.


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