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Thread: B# Brass Instrument Soak Experience?

  1. B# Brass Instrument Soak Experience?


    My horn is in dire need of a good cleaning, and I happened to run across a product online that seemed like something that may be useful to me.

    I usually use warm water and dish soap to clean my horn, using sponges, soft cloths, and the appropriate brushes. However, I've been encountering some buildup that's been harder to reach and clean, and so I've been looking for a more pervasive method of cleaning the horn.

    I found B# Brass Instrument Soak online, and I can't find out much about it besides the standard description on the store websites where it is featured. I'd like to know if anyone has had any experience with it, as I don't see many reviews besides the paid promotion on euphoniumstore. I suspect it is Hydrochlorous acid with perfume based on the description.


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    I've never heard of this product. Please give us a review if you try it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by enhite View Post
    I've never heard of this product. Please give us a review if you try it.
    I second both parts of that!

    Cleaning a compensating euphonium is very tricky. In the old days I broke countless "snakes" trying to get through all the twists while cleaning. Now I use a "power rinse" method. I either use my Quick Horn Rinse to feed soapy water under pressure through the leadpipe, or I dump some Dawn in the bell, then use a rag around a hose to get a decent seal while I reverse-flush the horn. You need to manipulate the valves in all combinations to make sure you are getting to all the twists and turns. And you will still need to clean out the valve caps, springs, etc. in a bucket of soapy water with a brush or something.

    It's possible that B# Brass Instrument Soak could be used during a rinsing process like I perform, but I don't know if it works better than Dawn.
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  4. Hello everyone,

    I have used The B# Brass Cleaning Kit and I can say it is absolutely incredible especially the instrument soak which was designed to combat any germs inside the instrument. It was designed by an an individual who had has designed various cleaning products and it is hands down the best product I have ever used. I have a full cleaning kit and a spare instrument soak.

    I hope this information helps a little. I’m always happy to respond to any questions about this super product.

    Best Wishes,

    Micah Dominic Parsons


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