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Thread: FS: Yamaha YEP-641

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    FS: Yamaha YEP-641

    I'm looking to sell my YEP-641. I purchased it used from Miles Ahead Music in Louisville, KY in 2007. No idea where it came from before that - a cursory search would indicate that Yamaha produced these from the mid 80's through the mid 90's. It was Yamaha's first go at a compensating euphonium, with an 11 inch one piece bell. I've used this horn regularly through undergrad, my military career, and other professional/amateur musical adventures over the years.

    In my experience, the horn works well with a variety of mouthpiece sizes and styles, and blended well with colleagues over the years who played Besson, Willson, et al. Response is good with a nice focused sound that's pretty consistent up and down the horn. Regarding intonation, there's nothing unforgivably bad about the horn. I'll refer to Dave Werden's intonation chart; I agree with his findings on the horns I've spent time with.

    Silver plating is in good shape and looks nice from a distance. I'll get some pictures up soon, but there are scratches, some small cosmetic dents, and evidence of dent rollout in the bell prior to my ownership. Valves are in great shape with Mead springs - they're very smooth but a little heavy if you're not used to them and you may want to swap them out for original Yamaha parts. This horn was serviced by Heritage Music in Kansas City last year, and they did fantastic work getting the horn in tip top shape.

    I'm also selling the horn with a black Protec gig bag purchased in 2010. It's held up quite well and offers decent protection.

    I have been very happy with this horn for the last 13 years and could happily keep playing it for years to come - I happened to save up and find a really good deal on a Shires Q41 that I think is my forever horn. This would be a great all around horn for anyone looking for a professional quality instrument that doesn't have $6000 - $10,000 to drop on a new horn, and, in my opinion, will be a better investment than a new horn at a comparable price point.

    $3000 and buyer pays shipping, OBO. I will happily cut a discount if you happen to live close enough to Lawrence, KS/metro Kansas City, as I would rather not ship the horn if I can avoid it. To the best of my knowledge, I have had no exposure to COVID-19 or related symptoms, and no one else except for me has played the horn in the last several years. I can throw in a large shank mouthpiece if you like - see my listing for a bunch of mouthpieces for sale if you're interested! For now, I would prefer to not ship internationally as I have no experience with customs/import duties/etc.

    Thank you for your consideration. Please DM if you have questions/inquiries - photos coming soon!
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  2. I have played a few notes on this particular 641 and can verify it’s a good playing example of this model.
    Congrats on the new horn! I spent some time with the Q41 and Q40 last February and really loved the Q41.


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