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Thread: Valve oil

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    Blue Juice. It's reliable, consistent, and keeps the valves and casings clean.
    Thereís a lot of love for the blue poison here. I still maintain itís oil for people who donít like cleaning their instruments. (I used to do a great deal of instrument cleaning and servicing, and the amount of residue left behind by habitual Blue Juice use was quite remarkable. In general they were instruments owned by bands and not an individual, so that may account for the for it). Even on my old hooters I found it too thick, and ended up with Al Cass. Iím currently using Yamaha synthetic which is great. I donít get build up as the euph is washed internally every month.

    I really liked Bessonís proprietary oil but thatís long since vanished, and as for Websterís Ego lube, what an appalling product.
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    I remember reading (on another network) where Matt at Dillon Music said, “Use Blue Juice, you’ll thank me later”. When I take my horn in for its yearly service my tech always says that it’s pretty clean. I do clean out my horn every few months between yearly service.
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    I need to pick some up next time I am down there, or maybe I'll just order some.
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    Five Starr. You're welcome.
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    I always use La Tromba T1. Maybe not the cheapest, but the bottles last for a very long time.

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    I used Blue Juice for a while but it left a lot of junk. Tried Resilience oil, but had the same problem. I now use Doc's Juice by Monster Oil and have not had any problems.


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