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Thread: FS: Willson Euphonium and Gig Bag

  1. FS: Willson Euphonium and Gig Bag

    Edit November 21: Price drop to $2400. Treat yourself for Black Friday!

    I’m looking to sell this Willson compensating euphonium in lacquer. It’s in rough cosmetic shape regarding its lacquer, but other than the small dent on the slide pictured, I haven’t found or noticed any issues. I received this in a trade about a year ago from a member over on TubeNet, but I simply don’t have time to play anymore. Plus, I’m moving around often enough that it’s difficult to find a group to play in.

    I’m assuming this is a 2900, but I’m not sure. Maybe some folks here can clarify.

    The included gig bag is also in rough to decent shape. It’s plenty padded, and there aren’t any rips or tears. The zipper gets stuck sometimes, but it works. Also included is a Bach 3G, mouthpiece pouch, and valve oil/cleaning supplies/the like.

    I’m located in Minnesota, willing to drive a few hours to meet a serious buyer. I would rather not ship. We can wear masks, stay socially distant. Horn has been cleaned and not played since, though I will continue to keep the valves oiled. If you come to me, you can test it in the church sanctuary with some great acoustics.

    I think $3000 is a fair asking price to start, but I could be way off, so I’ll welcome offers and suggestions. here is a link to photos.
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    There is a dent in the bottom bow as well, right? Just checking because the rough finish makes it hard to tell in some places. And is the rim area of the bell bent or is that just lacquer issues I see (I'm guessing the latter, but it is helpful to make sure potential buyers can develop an accurate opinion quickly).

    Price is always hard to set, and it is partly based on the current "stock" in the used market. Given the fairly extensive wear on the finish you may not get $3k, but if the horn functions really well that will help a lot!
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  3. The bottom bow seems to be dent free, that’s just the lacquer wear and reflection in the photo. Same with the bell, no warping that I’ve noticed.

    Thanks for the note regarding price too.

  4. Bump and price drop November 12th.

  5. Bump and price drop $2400

  6. On hold November 26


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